Why Make The Switch To VOIP For Your Business Phone System

28 January 2021
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Have you been wondering about what the benefits are for changing your current phone system at your business to a voice over IP system? You may be surprised at what a difference it can make.

Unlimited Lines

Do you currently feel like you are limited with how many phone lines you have in your business, where all the lines are active and calls cannot be made or received? This is a huge problem that you will need to find a solution for. VOIP allows every phone to have its own extension and its own active phone line. This ensures that as long as there is a phone in the office that you can make a call.

Easy Installation

One of the nice things about using a business VOIP telephone system is that all of the wiring involves internet lines. As long as you can get the internet to the place that you want to place a phone it will be easy to install. In addition to hardwired phones, there are wifi phones that can be taken wherever you want in the office. This could include conference phones that get shifted around frequently

Easy Expandability

Since the phones simply plug into an internet cable, this means it is going to be incredibly easy to expand your phone system down the road. While older phone systems may require a system that has a limited number of connections, adding a VOIP line is as simple as adding another phone line to your account. This allows your phone system to expand with your business. 

Mobile Access

Since VOIP phones work over the internet, all of the phones will allow for mobile access. This can provide your employees with a few benefits. Not only can they take phone calls out of the office and check their voicemail, but they can make phone calls as well as have it appear as if it is coming directly from the company. No more having employees give out their cell phone number to make a phone call outside of normal business hours. 

Simplified Work From Home Access

Have an employee that is going to be working from home? They can take their entire VOIP phone with them. The benefits of doing this is that taking phone calls at home will be exactly as if they were working at the office. You can even use paging to call other extensions and enjoy the clear sound quality of VOIP.