Myths About Home Burglar Alarm Systems

17 June 2015
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Having a home burglary security system installed, from a company like Tele-Plus,  is the best way to protect your family and property from break-ins. A modern security system will do so much more than raise an alarm in case of an intrusion. It can also monitor if all doors are closed, give you the ability to remotely control your home lights, locks and thermostats and even alert you of a fire at your home. 

Modern security systems are actually very user-friendly, and are easily installed with minimal disruptions to your home. Unfortunately, there are always myths about the ineffectiveness of security alarm systems that could be holding you back. This article seeks to debunk 2 such myths and give you accurate information so you can better protect your home.

You have to pay extra for fire monitoring

The myth is that home security monitoring systems cost a lot, and you always have to pay extra for fire monitoring to be included in your burglar security system. This is totally false, as most security companies nowadays offer professional and reliable fire monitoring along with burglar monitoring. This often includes immediate response should you require assistance.

With advancements in technology, alarm systems are getting cheaper and less complicated. In addition, you will likely get a significant discount on your homeowners insurance when you install a quality alarm system, making the cost of installing the system worthwhile.

Security systems must be hardwired into your walls

Older security systems relied on wired sensors installed in your home to detect intruders or fires, and phone lines for communication with your security provider. However, newer systems rely on wireless systems that are more reliable and that can give you instant updates of security breaches or fires in your home on your smartphone via the internet.

With an outdated, wired system, burglars can gain access to your home with a quick snap of wires in the sensors or phone lines, catching you off-guard and with no means to call for help. With a wireless system, there are no wires to cut.

You will also get an alert the instance a sensor is off-line or needs attention, and will have cellular and landline communication options, making it much safer and more reliable.

If you have old, hardwired security systems, you can easily upgrade to a wireless system with no hassle. Just get in touch with your security provider for an upgrade to a modern wireless system and get modernized alarm equipment and security apps for your smartphone or tablet.