Five Important Things To Think About When You're Selecting The Right Phone Installation For Your Place Of Business

21 February 2020
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The business phone installation in your company is essential for allowing you to handle everyday business needs. Therefore, it's important to take all the most important considerations into account in choosing the right system for your needs.

The following are five important things to think about when you're selecting the right phone installation for your place of business. 

The difference between a landline or a VoIP system

One of the most important decisions businesses have to make nowadays regarding their phone installations is whether they want a landline or a VoIP system.

A landline is a traditional phone installation while a VoIP system is a phone system that runs over the Internet. A traditional landline installation might feel more familiar, but VoIP systems offer some advantages like allowing staff members to access the system over their mobile devices or computers. 

The type of business you're in charge of

The type of business you're running impacts numerous factors regarding what type of business phone installation is best for you.

If you have employees who need to travel and access your phone system remotely, an Internet-based system might be best for your needs. However, if you're more focused on establishing a strong local presence, a local and traditional landline could be the best option. 

The costs of installing the system

Your budget is an essential consideration to take into account. Business phone installations vary widely in price depending on factors like how many lines you need in your system. Carefully evaluate options and costs to find the best solution. 

The existence of any bring-your-own-device policy in effect

If you have a bring-your-own device policy in force at your office, you won't need to have such an expansive business phone system. You'll be able to rely on your employees to use their own cell phones for some business needs. 

However, you may need to put some thought into data security if you're allowing employees to use their own devices to handle your company's data. Discuss data security and your BYOD policy with your business phone installation service for the best possible solutions for your company's unique needs. 

The need for your company to take calls outside of business hours

Some types of business need to be able to answer calls around the clock for emergency services. If this is the case with your company, you might want to add on an emergency answering service to field emergency calls outside of business hours.