Is Your Business Phone System Outdated? 3 Reasons You Need To Switch To A Structured Cable System

6 December 2016
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If you can't remember the last time you updated your company's phone system, it's time to take care of that. Outdated, ineffective phone systems can undermine your productivity and stifle growth. That's where cabling phone networks come in to play. With cabling networks, your phone system will adapt to your changing business needs, which allows you to grow. Here are three reasons why you need to upgrade to structured cabling for your phone system.

Better Customer Service

When customers call your business, they want to know that they can get through immediately and that their needs are going to be met in a professional and efficient manner. They don't want to be placed on hold while your employees search for their account records, and they don't want their calls to be dropped. If you have an outdated phone cable system, that's exactly what your customers may experience.

However, when you upgrade to a structured cable system, your customer's requests will be greeted with speed and accuracy. Your employees will be able to access their accounts quickly, which means your customer's needs will be met. It also means that your employees will experience less on-the-job frustration when they're able to provide quality customer service.

Reduced Background Noise

If you've ever called a company to discuss business only to be greeted by static and background noise, you know how annoying it can be. Unfortunately, that's what happens when you use outdated phone cable for your business phone system. Get rid of the background noise and static by upgrading to a new structured cabling system. Your customers will be greeted with clear reception, which will allow them to communicate more effectively with your representatives.

Less Network Connections

One of the problems with outdated cable systems is that they're not very effective over long distances. That means that you either need to keep all your phones in one location or need to utilize numerous connectors and data hubs. The problem with that is your service is diminished with each connector or data hub you need to use. With structured cable systems, your service will be clear no matter where your phones are connected in the office.

If you're using an outdated phone system for your business needs, it's time to make the change. Talk to your phone service provider about switching to a structured cable system. Making the change will benefit your company, your employees, and your customers. For more information, contact local professionals like Office Telesystems, LLC.